Towel Topper

December 19, 2010

These are really nice for attatching to your favorite hand towel.  We have a lot of trouble with little ones yanking our towels off the oven handle so they can dry their hands.  Momma asked me if I could make a towel topper.  I came up with a nice easy pattern that should be easy to follow.


- USA 9 or 10 needles
- Yarn ( I used Red Heart)                 
- Yarn needle
- Button
- Towel*

CO on 32 sts and K even for 4 rows.
(RS ) *K 1 st. and SSK.  K until 3 sts. remain.  K2tog. and K the last st.
K even WS row*
Repeat until there are only 6 sts remaining on your needle.  K the 6 remaining sts 7 rows even.  On the 8th row, K 3 and YO and K the last 3 sts on the needle.
Turn and K 3 sts. and K the YO and the 4th st together.  K 2 rows even and BO.


With your towel topper, yarn needle, a long piece of yarn, and your hand towel, begin sewing the towel topper to the towel.  Every 1 1/4 inch, gather  1 1/4 inches of material.  You will hae 6 gathers altogether.

With your button, yarn needle and string of yarn, sew a button at the beginning of your 6 st row. 
Cut off all dangling strings and attatch your new towel topped towel to the oven or refrigerator!

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