December 11, 2010

Well, this is my first post and I guess that I need to say what you can expect from this blog.
I plan on writing down knitting and crocheting patterns and if I could become a rocket scientist I'd say how to make a skirt.  But as it is, I'm not a rocket scientist so I'll just stick to small scale sewing projects. 
I love cooking so half my posts will be about cooking.  Which reminds me I need to make some Peanut Butter Fudge today!  Ahh the holidays...
I love God and talking about Him and figuring out exactly how I should act and I'll more than likely speak from my heart on that subject... :) 
School, well I love schooling but at the moment that is the last thing I want to do.  Math is a favorite and I have found that math is great for sewing projects!!!  Dividing 15 3/4 by 6 halves is useful for my current project :)  And spelling is useful for this blog, but I love spelling at any rate.  Don't mention science- blah.  History is fun, especially the curriculum I'm using.  (And according to Wikapedia I am spelling curriculum correct.)  Grammar has been fun this year and I am actually understanding it!!!  Teaching my little 3 year old brother how to count and recognize his numbers has been rewarding.  Here comes the alphabet!  Then phonics follows afterwards... sniff.  Aidan is just not a baby anymore.  Sadness.  Well, I can look and pray for a baby sister soon.  A brother too I guess but... a little sister would be fun to dress up and teach how to knit.  
Ian is here with me and he is the family comedian.  Ian is 9 1/2- don't forget the half!  I think he's born a book writer.  I think if someone stares out into space as much as he does, it can only be assumed that he is thinking of wonderful ideas and plays and plans for books!  What else could it be?  Maybe how to get that cookie on the counter but... he's too honest for that!
Morgan Ann is my little 7 year old sister.  She is a lot like me in the sewing area.  She  has made a tiny little purse and it was dubbed a "cell-phone-holder-thingy."  But at the moment I think it's holding coins.  Morgan has a big heart and everyone who knows her wonders how she can be so cheerful ALL the TIME!  It's unbelievable.  Her giggling is definitely contagious.  Except when we are supposed to go to sleep and she starts giggling and then it turns my choked giggling into a full fledged laugh!  I love Morgan.
Caelin is 11.  He likes guns and football and playing with Jack, our dog.  I don't think he is like me at all.  Especially in the sewing area!  I think he'd rather take care of our hens and take out the trash then sit in our rocking chair and bend carefully over some needle work!  The thought is funny anyways.  Caelin is great at playing with Ian and Aidan.  It's definitely a blessing.  Who would smash Hot Wheels and build the towers out of Legos with the little boys other than Caelin.  I would not be interested.  If I was forced, all of my lego buildings would be little Victorian houses or Hobby Lobby's.  No joking.   
My parents are wonderful.  Momma is the best cook and I'm glad for it too because she is like a reference book if I have a baking problem!  And since she has the option what she wants to cook with, she can use things that are healthier for us.  We all know Momma is the best so we know what we get is made from the best of the best!
Daddy is a hard worker and loves to read.  There is a huge bookshelf by his bed that is now overflowing with the best picked books.  I more than likely get my love for books from him!  He works hard at teaching other people grammar at college.  Daddy has gotten a promotion- and he's only worked there for about half a year!  Daddy wants us to have a farm and thankfully he wants a cow as much as I do.  Even though we live in a big crowded neighborhood, and our yard couldn't hold a garden to feed a family rabbits, he's bought some hens to keep outside.  They don't have a lot of grass but it's Winter right now in the prairie, so you can't expect a lot of grass to be had at this time of year... 
Well, you now know a tad about us and hopefully soon, there will be posts about knitting and cooking... But for now, I need to go make that Peanut Butter Fudge!


Gabriella said...

I hope I got all of my spelling right! :)

Lindsays said...

Well, just Phoenix is all I saw, for phonics. Thank you Gabby--such a sweet post. You are an awesome sweet sister and daughter!

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