February 24, 2011

I got my cake done!!!
Although it did turn out *eh-hem* a little crooked...
And the bottom of the stawberry cake wasn't completely covered...
But hey! The rosettes turned out adorable!
And Aidan told me later that I "get" to make his birthday cake! Baby brothers are so sweet!

February 3, 2011

This is the apron I mentioned I was going to post...

Well, that's the material- 1 yard and it made 2 aprons (for a little girl).

Morgan didn't want to smile for me and this was my only picture!
By the way, that's her messy bed in the background!

Sunshiny Hotpads!

This has been a recent project of mine.

And I've just gotten the pattern all written down for ya!
They really aren't for handling hot pans and pots with,
with that many holes in it, it would probably burn your hand.
These are for setting on the table to place warm casserole dishes on and such.

~A pretty color of Red Heart yarn
~A pretty big crochet hook (mine was a J)

Sunshiny Hot Pad
Chain 6 and slip stitch the last stitch to the first stitch (try and say that 5 times)!
(You will be using the "big hole" in the middle to insert your needle).
Chain 2 (counts as first dc) and dc 14 stitches into the round.  End all your rounds by slip stitching the last stitch with the first
Chain 2 (counts as first dc) 2 dc on top of each dc (from the previous row). 
Chain 2 (still counts as first dc) and *dc in the first hole, then 1 dc in the first hole and then 2 dc in the next hole.* Repeat from *-*
Chain 2 (STILL counts as first dc) 1 dc in the first hole and *chain 2, skip a hole and 2 dc in that hole.* Repeat from *-*
You can give it any border you like, this was mine:
Chain 2 (counts as first dc) and dc in the first hole. (Those 2 chains you did in the previous row will be the 1 "big hole which you will dc in) *dc 1 in the "big hole." 2 dc in on top of the 2 dc (from the previous row)* Slip stitch the last stitch to the first stitch. 
To make a ring to hook your potholders on simply: Chain 10 and slip stitch the last chain into the first stitch of your new row and bing off! 
There, you've made a pretty potholder/doilly thing to brighten up a table or kitchen or dining room or whatever.



February 1, 2011

I have been in a sewing mood all week... But you know, I really don't sew much.  It's rather sad but it's true.  I haven't got any confidence in this area of skill.  :(
But I convinced myself to make Morgan an apron since she's gotten interested in cooking.
Sorry for the bad photography... It was the best one I had with her wearing it!

As you can see, I decided to make another one... This one still needs strings for the back though.

I am *really* excited about another apron I made, but I haven't a picture for you I'm afraid.  But when I do get one, I'll post about it.

Another thing, it is 4 degrees right now (my fingers are numb) but with the wind, it feels more like -25!  Brr.
Anyways, our electricity may go out so please keep us in your prayers!