February 1, 2011

I have been in a sewing mood all week... But you know, I really don't sew much.  It's rather sad but it's true.  I haven't got any confidence in this area of skill.  :(
But I convinced myself to make Morgan an apron since she's gotten interested in cooking.
Sorry for the bad photography... It was the best one I had with her wearing it!

As you can see, I decided to make another one... This one still needs strings for the back though.

I am *really* excited about another apron I made, but I haven't a picture for you I'm afraid.  But when I do get one, I'll post about it.

Another thing, it is 4 degrees right now (my fingers are numb) but with the wind, it feels more like -25!  Brr.
Anyways, our electricity may go out so please keep us in your prayers! 

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WillaFiveCents said...

I love the aprons!!!!!

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