February 24, 2011

I got my cake done!!!
Although it did turn out *eh-hem* a little crooked...
And the bottom of the stawberry cake wasn't completely covered...
But hey! The rosettes turned out adorable!
And Aidan told me later that I "get" to make his birthday cake! Baby brothers are so sweet!


Caroline said...


The cake is adorable!!!! I love it. You are really good.

WillaFiveCents said...

AWESOMENESS! Love it. It looks AMAZING! And REALLY CUTE! AND REAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLY YUMMY. I want to eat it right off the screen!

Ps. Will you make my birthday cake!? or should I say "get"? :)

Gabby said...

Thanks y'all for the encouragement! And I'd love to make your cake Willa! But it would get squished in the mail... I'm sure you could do it, it's really easy!

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