Cute Armwarmers

April 1, 2011

Okay, these arm warmers are *super* easy.  I am not going to supply you with specific instructions or anything because... because well you need to exercise your brain :)  And really, it's better to do it this way so these fit your unique self perfectly

Okay.  Measure the circumference of your wrist- yes your wrist.  Write it down to have on hand and then decide about how long you want your arm warmers.  Cast on as many stitches as it takes (for the length).  The rest is pretty simple.  Knit in your favorite or most comfortable stitch until you've reached the circumference of your wrist (yes, those numbers and inches that I told you to scribble on that piece of paper)!  But remember this:  4 rows down, and 3 stitches across from the top- make 2 yarn-overs for your thumb.  Still with me?  Great.  Now when you get to the yarn overs, knit them both together with the stitch behind it.  Got that?  Now finish your last 4 rows up and BO (bind off).  Sew the sides up and weave in ends!

One restriction on this pattern:  You have *got* to tell me how they worked out for ya!  Just leave a comment.

P.S.  These are how mine turned out :


Bethany said...

Thanks. :) I love making fingerless gloves, but I find it very annoying to knit in the round (those four needles do not make things easier. ;) I think I might try it. ;)

(oh, and thanks for leaving a comment. ;)

Gabby said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Bethany! I hope you like the fingerless gloves- these are so much easier to get done with out those four little needles being swallowed up by your project :) Pleeaase tell me if there are any mistakes in it! I'd be happy to have someone elses opinion.

(You are quite welcome for the comment :)

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