Jeans+Creativity=A New Purse!

April 30, 2011

A new purse (to go with the million other homemade ones I have)! 
The nice thing about this one is it has pockets!  I'm rather intimidated at the thought of sewing pockets (for that matter zippers too)...

{Sorry for the grainy picture}.
So I am a wee proud of it- it's the first purse I made that actually looks... presentable!

{I thought I'd show you how I made it (really simple)}.

Jean Purse Tutorial:

Simply chop of the legs (right below the zipper) and toss the pants away
(but it's still pretty good material... I wonder what one could make out of it)?

Umm... Make sure yours is cut in a nice and neat straight line... unlike mine :-)

Turn the whole thing inside out and draw a nice straight line (preferably 1/4 of an inch) away from the... the... the end of the material... What's it called?  Oh well, sew on the line like shown from beginning to the end of the end of the material.

Now, you're pretty much done.  (Turn the jeans inside out).  All you need do is find some ribbon for the handle...and make a cute little belt out of some hemmed fabric and run it through the belt loops. 
I don't know about yours, but the zipper on mine never got in the way or anything (like coming open).

Oh, and make sure you have fun while doing it!

Have a lovely week.

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