A Few of My Favorites Things

May 28, 2011

~ A rainy day.

~ Country farms... Be still my heart!

~ Pride and Prejudice.

(Yes, I am the newer version fanatic).

~Snow Cones

~ A good book, perferably one Jane (that lovely lady) Austen wrote.

~Knitting needles (and yarn too for that matter)!

What are yours?

Tis' Been Busy

May 12, 2011

Miss Morgan crocheting a shawl...
(For her baby doll).
She is doing an awsome job. 
I've been trying my drawing hand a little...


Did I mention we had a tea party?

This was the

Oh yes certainly, we were quite dainty.

Don't believe me?

And I've been attempting to make a beret. 
(Yes, I've lifted my -no-knitting-or-crocheting-ban.  At least a little)

And this was an exciting one!  Our friend had a birthday and mama had me to make her a cookie cake.  She liked it a lot and asked me to make 12.  Those were for a fund raiser at their church :-)
But wow, I have never ever made that many cookies!

Pizza Hut?  Oh yes, we used pizza boxes to keep them in. 
So, I have been having a lovely and busy and  industrious week.
What about you?


May 5, 2011

That's Aidan....

Need I say how incredibly cute he is?

Because it's pretty obvious!

I would say Ian is pretty cute but since that cannot be said about this cowboy...
I will say he is pretty handsome!

{And a clown}

There's Miss Priss

The lovely loving angel that she is <3

And here's Caelin.

Who needs anything else other than these people?
I know I don't.

P.S.  White shirts are all of a sudden a must around here in the family...  You've got to admit, those billowing white shirts *should* come back in style- for men that is :-)

Wish Me Luck!

May 2, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye.

I am going to try and make a sourdough starter.


Do not panic.  Do not panic-even if all odds are quite against me.  And just because I've never ever had wild yeast growing in a jar doesn't mean I will fail hopelessly.  (I'm really just trying to convince myself I really won't fail hopelessly).

So wish me a ton of luck... But if you are a sourdough kinda person, won't ya pretty please give me some tips?  Or tricks?  Or really anything that you think might help me not to blow up the whole thing.


P.S.  Does sourdough truly have to be fed every 12 hours?  Or is it just whenever or is it... Never mind.