Tis' Been Busy

May 12, 2011

Miss Morgan crocheting a shawl...
(For her baby doll).
She is doing an awsome job. 
I've been trying my drawing hand a little...


Did I mention we had a tea party?

This was the

Oh yes certainly, we were quite dainty.

Don't believe me?

And I've been attempting to make a beret. 
(Yes, I've lifted my -no-knitting-or-crocheting-ban.  At least a little)

And this was an exciting one!  Our friend had a birthday and mama had me to make her a cookie cake.  She liked it a lot and asked me to make 12.  Those were for a fund raiser at their church :-)
But wow, I have never ever made that many cookies!

Pizza Hut?  Oh yes, we used pizza boxes to keep them in. 
So, I have been having a lovely and busy and  industrious week.
What about you?

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