Wish Me Luck!

May 2, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye.

I am going to try and make a sourdough starter.


Do not panic.  Do not panic-even if all odds are quite against me.  And just because I've never ever had wild yeast growing in a jar doesn't mean I will fail hopelessly.  (I'm really just trying to convince myself I really won't fail hopelessly).

So wish me a ton of luck... But if you are a sourdough kinda person, won't ya pretty please give me some tips?  Or tricks?  Or really anything that you think might help me not to blow up the whole thing.


P.S.  Does sourdough truly have to be fed every 12 hours?  Or is it just whenever or is it... Never mind.


WillaFiveCents said...

I wish you every success in the world! (I totally spelled that wrong!) :) Good blessings, as we used to say, :)

Gabby said...

Thanks Willa for the encouragement. So far it looks awful but I'll keep my fingers crossed!

P.S. Spelling isn't my point of exellence either!

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