Cute paper dogwoods {tutorial}

June 30, 2011

In my previous post you'll see paper dogwoods on my bulletin board.
I thought I'd give y'all the tutorial:

Paper Dogwood Tutorial
You will first want to cut out a square.  It can be 5 x5 or 10x 10, so long as it's a square.
Fold the paper in fourths.
Then draw a heart with the bottom in the center crease of paper.

Cut the heart and open your paper.

*note that when cutting heart, make sure to not cut off the edges all the way down to the bottom of the heart*

Fold it in half like so.

Open it back up and fold in the opposite direction.

There!  You are done!
{To dress it up a smidgen, you can color a flower or star in the center.}

If you were wanting to make a "dogwood branch" like in my previous post,
you can simply find a stick you like (that sounds odd no?) and make a variety of flowers and hot glue them on.  Also, cutting and gluing on a few leaves just finishes it off.

Happy crafting! 

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