My Dear Sister

June 4, 2011

I thought I'd tell you a bit about my "bestest" little friend.
Her name is Morgan Ann.  (Yes, Ann without the e on the end, bless her heart)
Morgan is stern, and shy- to strangers.  But if you are at all intimate with her, she's your best friend for life and will probably write you a thousand letters...
And expect the same amount politely in return.

Now, a lot of these pictures of her are a rarity. 
Why?  Because she is so ladylike it almost puts me to shame- and a few look as if she were nuts.

The thing about Morgan is that she doesn't despair over a rainy day...
Because she knows she can dance in it.
Now, she is 7 and 1/2.  Whatever you do, do not forget that half (for your own good).

She crochets.  And knits.  (Somewhat).

Morgan embroiders beautifully, and beautifully poses for my so called "pictures."

We go hand in hand, and usual aren't separated.  I help her with school, and she cheers me up as I despair over algebra and coordinate planes.

A true dear girl who loves God and Jesus.  A perfect little angel I assure you.
I have to wonder sometimes if she really might be sent from heaven.

Did I mention Morgan loves her siblings?

A spinning, carefree, lovable, rosy cheeked, dancing, young girl.

Thoughtful.  Considerate.

Patient and loving.


...And silly.

*Our version of "Oh Happy Day"*
We do cheer each other up.
And now I must go and tell her good night- that little angel.

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