The knitter's blues

July 7, 2011

My most recent {big} project.

It's completely lined.

And is finished off with a cute fabric flower.

It was fun- especially since I designed the pattern as I went :)

The purse is 9 x 13," so it's pretty decent sized.

P.S.  Today we leave for Colorado


Plum said...

I'm did you line it? Do you use a machine, or hand-stitch? I think lining knitting is one of the biggest hassel ever, so if you have some pointers I'd love to know! I usually just avoid it at all costs!

Gabby said...

First, I cut out and hemmed my lining {with a sewing machine} to fit the inside of the purse and then used a tapestry needle and with a longgg piece of yarn I hand sewed in the lining using the back- stitch because the back-stitch I find is usually really sturdy. That's all! I hope that helps!

Caroline said...

Hey, Gabby!!

That purse is adorable, Gabby. That is the type of thing I was talking about me buying from you. How are you doing? I haven't talked with you in such a long time. I heard that you are going on a trip.

Stephanie Ann said...

This is so cute! I think it is amazing that you lined it! I've never tried to line knitting that way before but it makes sense. Thanks so much!

Grace said...

Oh, I LOVE it! Thank you so much for linking up {and including the tutorial!:)}


Emily Ruth said...

That is a really cute bag! I love it! The lining is a really good idea and I think the flower adds a nice touch.

Gabby said...

Thanks so much ladies for inspire me to do more.

Caroline:: Hi dearie! Yes, we are going on a trip soon... to Tennessee! Aren't you excited? I am sure we'll see you!

Stephanie Ann:: I laughed when I saw you middle name... {I am going to assume you've seen Anne of Green Gables}. My sister spells it the same way for her middle name. And truly, lining a bag is easy... If you've got patience to do it :)

Grace:: You are welcome dearie! I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and I love it... I think we've got a bunch in common too.

Emily Ruth:: I've always love the name Ruth... The lining is definitely helpful. If there's ever a spill inside the bag *gasp* then it won't ruin the outside (the most important part of course). And that's only one purpose!

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