July 20, 2011

People can have mid year resoloutions... right?

- Post more tutorials :-)  
- Grow an herb garden (be still my heart!).
- Buy some adorable earrings.
- Be more content with what I've got.  That's very hard for me...
Be a better blogger... any tips?

- Become a pro at photography
- Sew a ball gown
- Knit a sweater
- Learn how to write in calligraphy
- Milk a cow this year.

- Grow a bountiful garden.
- Visit at least one place in Europe.
- Fill my hopechest to the brim.
- Design one blog template.
- Conquer the Html Code!
- Graduate from math at 16
- Hand make yarn from my own sheep
- Pick blueberries this year
- Go to a beach with clear water.
- Write a book

- Sew a rosette
- Install a zipper for once :P
- Be a better daughter and sister
- Learn how to write cursive nicely {one of my disgraces... I cannot write in cursive very well}.
- Invent my very own recipe

- Learn to either draw, sketch, or watercolor.
- Make a lovely quilt for my bed.
- Have a chicken egg business with my own chickens.
- Or a handmade yarn business.
- Raise at least 2 sheep.

- Learn to play at least one instrument {professionaly}.
- Meet some like Jasmine Baucham or the West Ladies
- Sail on a boat
- Kiss a rose
- Love everyone as myself- better, than myself.

- Learn to speak and write a foreign language {preferably Latin or French}.
- Teach knitting lessons.
- Have a craft room only for crafts.
- Fill my bulletin board with inspirational photos.
- Sing beautifully.

- Go to a Civil War reenactment
- Write to a penpal in France
- Somehow, pick up a southern bell drawl  accent.
- Read by candlelight.
- Do for others and not expect anything back.


- Host a giveaway... someday.
- Teach Morgan how to knit {the right way}.
- Fill my recipe book this year.
- Do a project 365
- Read all of the classics...

Have a lovely week m'dears!


Plum said...

I love those pictures! Great list by the way...some of those things I would still like to accomplish!

Grace said...

What a lovely blog! I love your photography, and we sound like we have very much in common. :)

I read that you would like to conquer HTML codes...well, they are not THAT hard as I am learning as long as you have the original Minima template for your blog.

My friend Bethany, who is no longer in the blogging world had a blog {which is still open for readers} where she shared many blogging secrets that have proved to be very helpful. Here is the link: http://joyfullgirlcreations.blogspot.com/search/label/blogging

Hope this helps. :)
Many Blessings,
P.S. Here is my crafting blog as well :: gracecraftingstitchbystitch.blogspot.com

Emily Ruth said...

Your list has inspired me to make my own list! I love knitting, but I unfortunately have no sheep to make yarn from. However, I would be very interested if you ever did that!

Gabby said...

Thanks so much everyone for encouragement!

Emily Ruth: I wish we had sheep too! A little lamb would be so adorable... And you know, I'd bet that he'd do a great job of fertilizing the yard :)

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