Charcoal, eggs, and tea tree oil.

August 17, 2011

Um.  Gabby?  What's this all about?

Those are my everyday "beauty products!!!"  Charcoal, eggs, and tea tree oil.  That's my natural makeup.  I bet you're thinking "Oh gracious what would Gabby do with eggs- or charcoal!?"

Well, this year our family has been paying a lot of attention to what we eat, where it comes from, and if it's exactly healthy.  We've been more and more surprised how many chemicals are used in, well, everything.  Not only shampoos, deodorants, and soaps but our food!  Those one upon a time natural healthy apples have now been sprayed with millions of chemicals. 

So, what does one do about it?  Well, in our case we really can't do too much.  We've been planning for a long time to buy a bit of land and just grow everything ourselves but as we've come to find out, around here all land is land locked.  We do the best we can such as baking all our own breads, buying less processed food as possible, and going to farmers' markets.  But there has been a few things I've been really interested in this year.  Charcoal, eggs and tea tree oil.

I have- for the last 3 months- been using tea tree oil soap for my face to get rid of those annoying zits, pimples etc.  And guess what?  Not only has my face been cleared up of that, my skin is much clearer toned!  It's so incredibly nice to know that not only is natural better for you, it does a better job than any name brand chemical soap.  I've really fallen in love with my tea tree oil :-)

On to charcoal.  Well, charcoal has been fascinating to learn about.  Did you know, for instance, charcoal can absorb 50 times it's own size in potions?  Talk about a natural anti-biotic right?!  As I read through the book Charcoal Remedies, I found how useful charcoal is in everyday life.  There were so many different ways to use it!  After reading a bit about using charcoal as toothpaste, I quickly filled a small squirt bottle with part water, part ground charcoal, and a couple drops of peppermint oil.  Viola!  My new natural, cheap toothpaste!  Like I said it's so incredibly nice to know that not only is it natural and better for you, but it does a better job.  My teeth are noticeably white after brushing my teeth with charcoal  :-)  Also, charcoal is much like baking soda, it absorbs bad smells.  Clean smelling breath?  Check!

 Eggs.  Oh gracious, eggs.  Those have taken a while to get used to.  I am enthusiastic as ever about them but still...  Did you know that the shampoos you buy in the store, strip your hair of their natural oils, and completely dry out your scalp?  Well we can fix that- buy a big bottle of conditioner and smear it in to substitute the oils you already have but took out!  I kept reading about the "No Poo Method" which just really explains why shampoo is bad for you {hence No Poo} and how to use a natural approach          {via}            
to cleaning your hair.  Which for me, is eggs.  I simply use one egg yolk in my hair like I would one squirt of shampoo.  The results?  Amazing and very satisfactory.  My hair is very soft, it really doesn't need to be washed more than 3 times a week, and it's never oily!  Eggs seem to enhance natural oils instead of destroy them :-)

I encourage everyone to try it out and use these wonderful ways to enhance your own natural beauty, and not destroy and replace them.  If you have any ideas or other suggestions please share!

P.S.  In that picture of me, I just washed my face with tea tree oil, and brushed my teeth with charcoal.  It had been 2 days since I last washed my hair and it looks fine!


"Oh heavens, I hope they don't say my teeth look awful, or have any gum infection, or plaque build up is awful, or any stained areas, and heavens if I have a cavity I'll..."

I was pouring out all these little worries on Morgan as the lady in purple with huge hair showed us the way to the room in which my teeth would be cleaned- or whatever dentists do to your teeth.

I was very happy to be informed that I had no cavities, my teeth were very clean, white too, and I did have a tiny bit of a gum infection but that was due to not *cough* flossing enough.  :-)
I am very, very, very, happy.  I love natural.  I love charcoal.


Plum said...

YAY for going natural!!

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

Hmmmm. I never thought about some of these things. I have a some questions, Gabby. How long is your hair, and how many eggs do use at a time? My sisters and I have extremely long hair and it is also very thick. How many eggs would it cost to shampoo all four of our hair? Also, would it be cheaper to do the eggs, or to just do regular shampoo?

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

Oh, one more thing. I met a person who puts some stuff on Etsy!!!

Gabby said...

Melinda:: Great question! My hair goes to about my mid back and it's pretty thick :-) I use one egg yolk and it covers my hair pretty well.

Cost? Hmm... There's 4 of y'all and say y'all wash your hair 3 times a week with one egg each. That would cost about a dozen eggs. If y'all are getting store bought eggs than it would be probably more expensive, sure. But then again, do y'all use expensive shampoo? And are you using it every single day? Because with eggs, you won't be washing it as much.

I think I am beginning to take for granted we have our own eggs coming in every day for cheap :-) Another blessing.


Emily Ruth said...

Those are some great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

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