Embroidered wristlet ::tutorial::

August 23, 2011

Yesterday's project was a embroidered wristlet- much like these:

And I promised a tutorial this week so...  How about making this?

Embroider something cute!  I simply made vine and flowers coordinating with the hot pink and white lining.

 Cut out a 14" by 6" rectangle, and fold 2 times on one side, and two times on the other.  This way, the frayed part it sewn under :-)


If you have any problems, I'd be more than happy to help!



Caroline said...


You are so creative! I love you work. Keep it up.

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

Awesome!!! I could never do it though!

Gabby said...

Caroline:: Thanks Caroline- have you figured out what to make with that material yet? It's going to be something lovely I am sure :-)

Melinda:: Yes you can! It's super simple! Cut straight, sew straight and it will be perfect.


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