August 15, 2011

Gray.  It's an underused, underliked, unnoticed, and misunderstood color.  It's thought of as dreary or morbid sort of color in general.  But inclined to think it's rather pretty.  Especially with yellow pr pink no?  The colors compliment each other I believe, because gray tones can tone down an otherwise cheery, loud, sunny sort of color. Anyways, the gray is rather relaxing to look at, and reminds me of winter which leads me to get to the point of my post.  Fall is coming!  I'm not sure I'll miss the summer, it's been dreadfully hot and up until August we had less than an inch of rain.  So, in celebration of the cool mornings yet to come I worked on these as a weekend project.

It was sort of a trial and error deal.  I just sort of made up the pattern as I went and as it fit  :-)  But the effort I think will be appreciated once the coldness of winter comes and that chill begins to settle into everything.  At the moment, I can't imagine that the weather could possibly ever feel cold again- not with  45 days of triple diget degrees.  Blah.

My pattern, was pretty much cast on 28 stitches on number 8s, knit in rib for 18 rows, stockinette for 15 rows, then drop in a yarn over in the middle of the row, and finish stockinette until it reaches a total of 18 rows.  Rib another 6 rows, cast off and sew up the sides.  Oh, and I used Caron's Simply Soft.

Gray means winter.  Gray means rain.  Gray means thunder.  Gray means a happy me.  I love the color gray.


Grace said...

How lovely! I too love the color gray. Unfortunately, I am not an "experienced" knitter, although I do know how to cast on, knit, and cast off, but that is pretty much it.

I do hope one day I shall be able to knit very well, but for now I'll just stick to crocheting. ;)


Gabby said...

::Grace:: You'll get it! If I can you can :-) In fact, about this time last year I was just beginning to cast on and figured out how lovely knitting really was.


{Camille} said...

I didn't know you had a blog, Gabby! Caroline showed it to me, and I love it!


Gabby said...

::Camille:: I do! I'm glad Caroline showed it to you :) Your blogs are so inspirational- they keep me photo taking.

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

I've wanted to tackle something like that for so long, but I've been scared to. How'd you get up the nerve?

Gabby said...

Melinda:: The pattern is SO easy- if you know how to knit, purl, cast on, and cast off, then you can do this one!

Emily Ruth said...

I love those gloves! I also adore Caron Simply Soft. I think it's just about my favorite yarn. I never really thought about gray before. I typically think of white and black as neutrals, but gray is much softer toned. Thanks for reminding me of how great the color gray is. :)

Emily Ruth said...

I wore an almost all gray outfit today and I thought of this post and I realized that I might not have put the outfit together the way I did without you posting this a while ago. :)

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