Nautical, a new favorite word

August 12, 2011

There is something I wanted to do.  And it was going to involve navy blue and white gingham, a large wicker basket, and spray paint.  Tools? Hot glue and a screwdriver.  Hint:  My new favorite word = nautical.  And it has to do with a basket.



This dry, dry heat may have induced the word-love of nautical...  But you must admit, nautical is a fun word.  It just sounds neat.  Naut-i-cal.  Nautical.  Anyways, for a while I've wanted to at least redecorate the top of the basket but never did...  How would a yellow look against a plain boring brown anyways?  And oh!  It's too bad you can't paint baskets...  But I was informed today that one could quite easily spray paint a wicker basket white.  I need white spray paint now if you please!

I like the navy blue and the crisp clean white.  What's more it's

Have a blessed weekend :-)


Emily Ruth said...

That looks really pretty! Nautical is a really cool word. :)

His Daughter said...

Very creative!! :)

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

Cool!!! Redecorating is always fun!!!

Gabby said...

Thank you ladies! Redecorating is so much fun! Creativity can in fact, flow through hot glue guns and white spray paint bottle :-)

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