Paper heart envelope {tutorial}

August 31, 2011

I love paper.  Especially in cute colors :-)  These make my heart pitter patter. 

Cut out a nice sized heart- it really just depends how big you want your envelope.

Fold the sides like so. ^

Fold the top of the heart in half.

Press the triangular part down and viola!  A paper envelope out of a heart.

Now make LOTS of them and brighten someone's day up.


Grace said...

Oooh! How sweet! Do you mind if I feature this tutorial on my crafting blog?

Thank you so much for posting!
Many Blessings,

Emily Ruth said...

Those are so sweet! That's a good project as some of my family's birthdays are coming up, not to mention just "brightening someone's day." Thanks for the great idea!

Gabby said...

Grace:: Yes! I'd love for you to use my tutorial! Thank you so much for thinking of me :-)

Thanks so much for commenting ;-)

Emily Ruth:: You are quite welcome-I hope whoever you make them for likes them! Happy Birthday to whoever it is :-)


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