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August 10, 2011

In case you didn't know, Miss Grace has a lovely way for people to share their sewing projects or want-to-make-one-day projects on her blog.  So, if you'd like to see these other cute tutorials or projects go here.  Put yours on as well!

I always tell my mother dearest, after I finish a embroidery project, how I really love embroidery.  I just forget I do :) 

This was transformed into a...

Cute wristlet!

Then, I "needed" to make a brown one.

Y'all have a lovely day!


Plum said...

Did you free hand that? Great job!

Gabby said...

Yes ma'am! Thank you!

Grace said...

Oh, my! How lovely! I do wish we lived closer...we could have sewing days together.

I do so love embroidery and need to do it more often. Last year for Christmas, I embroidered handmade drawstring bags as gifts. I also try to incorporate embroidery for special personal touches.

Thank you for linking up!
Many Blessings,

Gabrielle said...

That is so pretty! I also linked up at Grace's blog and am excited to see all of the crafty posts!
My name is Gabrielle too! So cool! :)
God Bless!

Isaiah 43

Gabby said...

Grace:: I know! I can just see us constantly borrowing needles, pins, patterns, et cetera...

"Mama, I HAVE to go show Grace this new pattern!"

OoOo, those bags must have been beautiful. Drawstrings are so nice.

Gabrielle: Do you go by Gabby? Or am I the only one still :)
Actually, our names are really close but mine is really Gabriella ;) Thanks for commenting!

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