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August 1, 2011

God's creation is so beautiful.  I love it more and more everytime I look at it.
Especially clouds and any body of water.

We rode on a ferry to get to Fort Sumter.
Looking at the water can make you a bit seasick as I found...
Here, in Charleston, we saw Fort Sumter.  I am so incredibly glad we saw the place where our Confederates started the Civil War.  Yes, I am a rebel :-)  I actually believe in states rights.  *gasp*

That's Charleston back there.  Look at those beautiful clouds!  One thing I've noticed about the deep south, is that the clouds are closer to the ground then in Texas area.

There's Fort Sumter back there.  It's sad that the top flag flying is the yankee American flag.  It should be the rebel flag as is was their triumph. 
The original cannons from the fight.  Those things are enormous, I'd hate to have a canon blast at me through one of those things.  Brave soldiers...  Fighting for what is right.  For what they believe in.  For their state.
"I have no greater duty to my home." (Virginia) -Robert E. Lee

God bless America.


Plum said...

I'm standing with my hand over my heart, singing Dixie!

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

I love your pics! I completely agree with you Plum!!!

Kristi said...

You took some really great pictures Gabby! Looks like ya'll had fun.

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