Road tripping ii

August 3, 2011

We saw so may beautiful things on our trip.  But then, Tennessee is a very beautiful place.  It has a bit of everything in it.  Mountains, green green grass, fertile land, that good old rural/country feel to it...  What amazes me is that God made every single place on this planet!  What really makes me just want to smile is to think of God's hand dipping his paint brush and creating and painting our world full of light, clouds, the blue, blue sky, black rich earth, trees stretching their arms high above us to wave to their creator.  It's a beautiful picture and one that everyone can enjoy.

Seeing pretty little farms surrounded with wooden fences, perhaps a few Jerseys grazing, a barn sitting in the sun casting it's long shadow across the ground...  But when I saw this, I had to get a snapshot.  That lovely mountain (big hill?  Small mountain?) and the wooden fence surround the land made me feel so grateful for the lifestyle of farming.  It's so simple and lovely.  Hard work of course to run a farm but did God ever tend everything to be easy?

This was an Amish settlement close to our friends.

Our friends barn.  It's so rustic, and crookedy, and beautiful.  I'd rather that kind of barn than any other.
My friend planted flowers and they are so pretty.
God made everything so gorgeous!  And what's is even better that He made it for us.  Enjoy His creation this week!


Emily Ruth said...

Those b&w's are beautiful! I love that barn!!! I want it!!!! I agree; those are the best kinds of barns...

Gabby said...

Thanks dearie, our friends own the barn... it was so pretty early morning that I had to take a picture- or two. My mama said that in a way, it looks so terribly rickety but at the same time so sweet and inviting

Have a good day!

Caroline said...


The Amish pictures look exactly like the Amish community here! Great job on the photography!

Gabby said...

Dear Caroline,

I was so happy to see nothing had changed! The Amish commmunity is such a wonderful place to take pictures...


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