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August 5, 2011

Yesterday, I was feeling very orginizational.  I love that feeling!  So, I thought I'd share will y'all some storage ideas for yarn, buttons, et cetera.

At Michaels, they have some really cute boxes with simply adorable designs all over them.  There are so many cute colors to choose from!  You don't have to use those type of boxes but what I do suggest using are boxes that you can match yarn with.  I keep all of my creams, whites, and light browns in the above box. 

Besides it being helpful knowing exactly which ball of yarn is where.  "White ball?  Oh yes, in the white container."

Besides, they are so cute and pretty.  Small, dainty little boxes just give a nice personality to a room.  And as for buttons...

I keep all the cool colors in an old pickle jar.  I painted the lid blue and glued the button label on there myself.

Pinks, whites, oranges are kept in a Snapple bottle.  I don't have a picture of this one, but in another glass jar I keep all my little handmade decoations.  Such as fabric flowers, rosettes, i-cords, et cetera.
I hope this gives you a couple organization ideas.  Please share your own ideas too!


Emily Ruth said...

I love those kind of boxes! I only have one, but they are much prettier than using shoe boxes, which I used to do. I keep my yarn color coordinated in baskets. For a while I had yarn under my bed, in my closet, and beside my desk and dresser. It was a mess. :) But I knew where everything was.
Thanks for sharing!

Gabby said...

You know what?! Maybe you could hot glue on material or paper on shoe boxes and pretty it up! I may have to try that... Keeping them in the closet or under the bed is a swell idea too. I know what you mean- it can be a complete wreck but the person who owns the mess knows exactly where everything is.
Thank you for sharing!

Emily Ruth said...

That's a good idea! I honestly never thought of doing that...

Caroline said...


Yes, I love it when I feel like organizing! I love Michaels too, there little stuff is so cute. The bottles full of buttons are adorable. How do you come up with all these cute things?! You're really smart and talented, Gabby. I need you to come to my room and do some organizing! Where did you get all those buttons? They're really adorable too. Keep it up!

Gabby said...

Hey Caroline,

Thanks so much for the encouragement! But you'd probably be better then me at organizing your room. Yarn is one thing but clothes/shoes are another for me... I got those buttons at a garage sale for 1.00! What a great find right? Around here there are always garage sales and older ladies getting rid of yarn and material.

Have a good day dearie!


Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

I am a total organizing girl, so I LOVE your ideas!!!

Gabby said...

Melinda:: I know! To me organizing is so fun... It's really not a chore and I love doing it. Thanks for commenting :)

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