Summer musings

August 26, 2011

Could it be?  Could it possibly be that this golden, busy, wonderful summer is ending?  It seems so strange to think 3 months have simply flown by since summer began...  But it's all too true- school will start come Monday- studying biology, taking algebra tests, reading galore (that I won't mind), teaching Aidan how to read is coming up...  I don't mind school or studying really, on the contrary, I rather like it.  I just think it's come too quickly this summer.  Mama and Daddy have brought us up to know that knowledge is a good and worthy thing- not some burdensome task.  And ahh...  The lovely pile of fresh notebooks with clean, crisp white pages on one's bed is such a delight- and paired with mechanical pencils ready to be opened and used it makes for an inspiring scene.
Do you know what I love about homeschooling?  I could do it in my pj's if I wanted.  I could do it 3:00 in the morning if I wanted.  It's available to me and we're flexible.  I can bring it along on a trip if I thought I needed to.  You get freedom with homeschooling and it's so enjoyable.  I'm not pulled back with others and I can explore my interest in different subjects.  Above all, you can always help teach your younger siblings.  I taught Ian how to read some, Morgan a lot, and hopefully a bunch with Aidan.  In fact, I taught Aidan how to count, recognize and write his numbers 0-10 by the time he was about 2.

Anyways, I'll be sad to see summer gone...  And I've never particularly liked winter much, it was always so cold and dreary- like a prison almost.  The whole earth was stripped of her beauty and left colorless.  But a dear friend of mine wrote about how she was so excited about winter coming- after reading the letter {yes, a hand written letter about 3 pages long- a joy I get to have about every other week} I realized winter is hardest to love- at least the season and it's weather.  If we didn't have Christ's birth, the first gift, Christmas, snow, hot chocolate, and ahh- glorious cookies, we really wouldn't have much to love about winter.  But in spite of it all, we love the dear season- it gave us Christ and we get to celebrate and demonstrate to each other what God did- the joy of giving gifts.

Another wonderful thing about winter is that you learn to entertain yourself- no more going to the lake and swimming, no more running through sprinklers, no more picnics et cetera.  Just day after day in your home- admit it- it gets boring.
Once Daddy told me that boredom is a good thing.  I looked at him as if he was crazy.  "Because Gabby, it makes people get creative.  They must think and entertain for themselves."
Yup, I'll enjoy filling every single day of winter with "inside" things to do. 

Knitting of course will come back in full swing of course.  There is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace, heater, vent-whatever you have, with a cup of hot chocolate, a pair of knitting needles with yarn running through your fingers while you watch snowflakes cover the ground.  Happy?  Check!
By the way, I am giving my first knitting lessons to someone older than myself- congratulate Mama, everyone!  She is well on her way to being a famous knitter! 

Morgan, the dear heart, has obviously been in the baking mood.  She made the {above} scones for us two mornings in a row.  Blueberry scones with chamomile tea, served by the cutest little 7 year old ever = a lovely breakfast.  She wanted me to make sure to tell y'all the she's lost "2 WHOLE teeth!"

Goodies will need to be made {yes, needed, it wouldn't be winter without them} and the kitchen- as always in our household- will barely ever have a break of constant useage during the day.  All sorts of family favorites will be making their way out of the oven- sugar cookies, bread, french bread like the above picture, cornbread, almond roca, peanut clusters, peanut butter fudge (my specialty), and hot chocolate will be heating on the stove!

I hope y'all have a blessed week and weekend!  I fully intend to work on some projects- lacy handkerchiefs no less!  Every girl should have a hankie, and if you're going to have a hankie, it might as well be handmade, and if it's going to be handmade, then make it cute. 


Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

I completely agree wholeheartedly!!!

Emily Ruth said...

I can't wait for fall to start even though the summer was far too short. I love baking, sweaters, more knitting, routine, blank notebooks, and my birthday. :)

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