Weekend loveables

August 8, 2011

It was that sort of weekend when you wanted to sing Psalms or Hymns all day.

I love those sort of weekends when you find a box of material jam packed with a scraps and perhaps a piece or two enough to make a skirt.  "Does that say $1.00?  Yes- the whole box, please!"  I love it when I am at home babysitting my sweet siblings and Mama finds over 8 yards of fabric for under $5.00.  Pink silk?  Yes.  Peach colored soft as a feather material?  Totally.  Dark beige light as a cloud?  Bet on it.  My mother is an amazing garage-sale-treasure-finder.   Love you!

I love those sort of Saturday mornings when you wake up slowly with the sun kissing your face.  Breathe in slowly...  Are those neiman marcus brownies I smell?  Check!

I love it when I find an utterly sweet and lovable blog brim full of tutorials and cute Etsy finds.  I love it when I find out the authoress and I are pretty similar and that she had a photography blog!  And then what  a joy it is that she has created a sweet smelling garden where you can sit, relax, and sniff the flowers.

 I love when we watch a new movie and quickly put it on to of favorite-movies-of-the-year-list.  North and South is a wonderful {perhaps dreary at the beginning} movie about a Miss Hale and her family moving to North England from the South.  But that's not important.  What is, is the last 30 minutes of the movie when Mr. Thornton becomes a nice agreeable and rather charming sort of man that could make every lass fall in love with him.  Yes, I adore this movie and I love Margaret and think Mr. Thornton is a wonderful character.


I love my life and it is so very easily loved.  I love it when God sends me so many sweet blessings.  Sometimes, it's hard to see how many blessings I have.  It's incredibly easy to only look and point and complain about all the annoying little things that shouldn't bother me.  I want to pay attention to the wonderful blessings God sends me and be thankful above all things for them.  Content?  Check.



Plum said...

What a GREAT garage sale find! Its easy to be thankful, isn't it, when one sees the little things God does for us!

Gabby said...

Yes! It seems like it's the little things that cast us down, or lift us up. It's the little things that ruin our day or make us want to shout "I love my life!"

Melinda Janelle Delamarter said...

Sometimes you find the best things at yard sales!

Gabby said...

Melinda:: How much better does it get than finding what you wanted, at cheapest price ever and normally in good condition?

Lindsays said...

Thanks, Gabby! You've inspired me today! Even through pain, I am going to be content and see the best in everything. Keep blogging! Love, Momma

Gabby said...

Mama:: Hi there! I'll keep blogging- you keep on going and be the best Mama... Hope that back ache of yours gets better today.

Love you!

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