Beginner knitting project {easy} diy

September 27, 2011

My week has consisted of The Hobbit, biology, algebra and other lovely subjects.  And well, I was getting a knitting itch and wanted a small project that wouldn't take too long as to interfere with my crocheted rug (oh, and you win Grace- you button is now on my sidebar!  Good guess!).  This is what I wanted to make...
Is that not the sweetest thing ever!?  But I don't think I would wear it as a necklace.  If you would, you can go here and get yourself one! : 
The {original} photograph and bow belongs to Jessica.

This was so easy- I know because I made up the pattern and did not have to start over a million times!

Cast on about 14 {for this size bow at least}
Knit 12 rows and cast off on the thirteenth row.  Snip off those dangling strings.
Take some yarn, and wrap it around the middle of the little knitted rectangle you made about oh, 7-8 times, but not too tight and not to loose!  Tie the strings to the back, like the picture below.

And, if you like, you can put a bobby pin in.  Just slip the wrapped yarn into the bobby pin and you've got yourself a knitted bow!

Good luck and if you need help, please ask!
Happy crafting,


Grace said...

How adorable! Some one with a more quirky taste than me would probably love that necklace but making it a hair clip is a most clever idea. :)

Love you,
{P.S. Am I annoying you with commenting on every single post? :P}

Gabby said...

no no no no!!! I love hearing from you- all the time! It's such an encouragement. {Would it bother you if I commented on every single post of yours?}

Necklace are, in fact, really pretty... I don't know why, but I really don't care for wearing any myself.? Hmm..

Love you,

Emily Ruth said...

That bow is so sweet as a hair clip! I can't decided whether I would wear it as a necklace or not. This project is now something that I really want to make. :)

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