September 29, 2011

Dear skies, you never cease to amaze me with you brilliant, liquid blue.
Bare or covered in clouds, you are always gorgeous.

Silhouettes!  This was my first time to do these, and I really like the outcome.  Staring at the rapidly arriving stars is always a wonderful way to spend the evening.  {especially with friends}!  That night, we climbed up on top of their shed (yes- in skirts!) and watched the stars and pointed out constellations.
Yesterday, I found some fabric doilies in the good ol' craft box.  Oh, and a piece of canvas.  And some hot glue.  Hmm...  I wonder...
A doily collage!  Now to figure out where to put it?  I hot glued some elastic twine to the back of the canvas so it may be hung.

Do have a lovely week!

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Emily Ruth said...

Lovely photos! That silhouette one is really neat.
I love your doily collage! I can't wait to see what you do with it. :) It's so pretty, delicate, and feminine, but unexpected. Lovely job, dear!

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