Happy birthday!

September 24, 2011

This little dear is 8 years old!  Happy Birthday m&m!  I love you soo much and I am forever thankful we have such a close relationship- even if we are 7 years apart.  Thanks for being a quick forgiver, thanks for always having a huge smile on your face and a laugh filling up the silence {silence... something one doesn't hear much around here}.  Ooh- and thanks for letting me take birthday pictures of you!  It's something of a trial isn't it, for you to have your adoring sister constantly snapping pics of you all the time *smile*


I don't know what it is about the above picture but I really like it even though it came out blurry and shaky.  I still like it though.  Well anyways- Happy 8th Morgan.  8 spanks for you- you are growing up entirely too fast.

Love you,


Emily Ruth said...

Little siblings seem to grow up so fast! But I always enjoy birthdays.
I love that last picture!!! And the pictures of the candles...and the one of your sister. :)


Shannon said...

Little ones do grow up so fast! {Too fast!} May your sister have a blessed birthday...

{It feels like yesturday that I was that young... where has the time gone? :) }

In Christ,

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