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September 13, 2011

Hello dear people!  Firstly, we are having an amazing time in Louisiana, and are enjoying this lovely weather.  Secondly, I have been a very bad and lazy crafter this week- I haven't made anything.  Well, I am really close to finishing a knitted messenger bag- only the handle to sew on and one side to sew up!  But this time away from my sewing table at home has been good for me I think.  There have been millions of good ideas popping up in my head, computer, blogs and more... they simply seem to stand out more when I don't have any projects going.  So, when I get back home I hope to have a lot of projects to work on, but for now, I'll let you see my latest inspiring craft finds:

You know, I've never cared for wearing bracelets- I've always slipped a hair band on my wrist to carry around for the day, you never know when you'll need one!  Anyhow, these looked really comfortable, so I might like them!

T-shirt bracelets!

A reversible bag!

Brilliant!  You know, you could really cut down on half on the purses you own if they were all reversible.  Hmm..
Reversible bag tutorial

These look sooo comfy!

Fingerless gloves {to knit}

This, quite frankly is genius!  No more ugly white boards with metal frames...  We are going to use markers in style :-)

wipe off marker board

I hope y'all have a good crafting week!


Emily Ruth said...

My crafting life has been sort of stalled lately, too. I like those t-shirt bracelets! I can't wait to see some of your upcoming projects!

Grace said...

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

I hope to create a proper inspiration board this year.


Gabby said...

Thank you ladies for your (always) lovely comments- it's much appreciated. Happy crafting!


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