Chicks + my most recent {finished} project

September 2, 2011

I have a surprise for y'all!  People reading this post, meet our 8 baby chicks, 8 baby chicks, meet people reading this post.  I think y'all will get along splendidly.  {Especially if there are girls reading this :-)}

These little fluff balls got shipped over night to us and yesterday morning, at 5:30, we got a phone call saying our little chickies had arrived!  I was in bed when it happened though, not that I minded much.

Really, they are adorable.  But they will get older and they will lose all their fuzz and sprout feathers and get noisy- very noisy.  But in the meantime, we'll be cuddling the dear little fuzzyballs.

::My project of.. well, the last 2 months::

A baby blanket!  I had fun making this one, it is extremely fluffy and soft, knitted on 6mm circular needles working in the diagonal stitch.  The baby is about 3 weeks old so we really need to get it shipped to him.  One day, I am going to make a huge knitted blanket made out of the very fluffiest yarn, in garter stitch and it will be white, and I'll curl up with it and a good book and some chamomile tea.

I hope the baby likes his new blanket...
Have a lovely day!



Grace said...

Aw, your chicks are so cute! :) Wow! I love your blanket...I do wish we lived closer so we could have knitting days together! Oh, how I would love a friend who would be ready to knit by the fireside on a cold day...ah, well. :)

What's your next project going to be? I want to make some pretty scarflettes for autumn. September is here!

Much love,

Emily Ruth said...

Those chicks are adorable!!!!
Great job on the baby blanket! I have not attempted a blanket yet, but that looks like a pretty easy one to make! It looks lovely!

Gabby said...

Grace:: This is our second year, and third "batch" of chicks- and we have really enjoyed them. I really wish we lived closer too! Knitting days... *swoon* with a friend and beside a warm fire- be still my heart!

Hmm... as for a next project I have a lacy hug me tight I want to finish and a navy blue mixed with white scarf. Both are actually going really well! Good luck on your scarflettes!

Emily:: Thanks so much Emily! I have had lots of fun with them and the baby blanket :-) The blanket did turn out to be pretty simple and easy.


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