Knitted fingerless mittens

September 25, 2011

At out grandparents, I began working on some fingerless mittens- the color was so adorable!  My little cousin was really surprised one could actually make something like that.  When I finished my armwarmers, she snuck up behind my shoulder and asked "May I try them on?"


She loved them. "Would you like a pair too?"

*violent nod*

Look at that green grass...  And those healthy green trees...

"Now we match, Gabby!"  She is the sweetest little thing ever.  Morgan and my little cousin are really close and it's so sweet to see them constantly walking hand in hand with each other.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day.


Grace said...

*gasp* THEY ARE LOVELY!!!! Seriously how did you figure out how to make those?
Circular or double pointed needles? Stitches???

I would love to make a pair like that someday.

Oh, and your cousin is adorable. :)
Love you,

Shannon said...

Fingerless mittens are so helpful! You did a beautiful job... :)

In Christ,

Emily Ruth said...

I love those gloves! The color is great and they look so nice and soft! Your cousin just looks soo sweet!

Gabby said...

@Grace- Actually, all I did was made a rectangle (the width = circumfrence of arm) and knitted it until it was the length I wanted. I sewed the length up with a tapestry needle and yarn. The stitch was ribbed, and stockinette. Try making some! They are *super* simple- I finished mine in one evening :-)

@Shannon- Thanks so much for the compliment and comment! They are definitely nice- and I'll go as far as to say pracitcal!

@Em- YES! They are so very soft! The yarn brand is "I love this yarn" and it makes sense! I really do love that yarn. My cousin truly is sweet. I love her.

Thank you ladies!

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