::Photoshoot:: Morgan

October 30, 2011

I absolutely love it when Morgan lets me take a photoshoot of her...  This one was all black and white and no smiling.  She is so pretty and to be completely truthful, I like pictures of her with no smiles.  They look somewhat old-fashioned and sincere.  That's the best I can describe them.

So...  do y'all like black and white photography?  I sure do!

the prairie

October 29, 2011

The prairie has a sort of quiet beauty.  It doesn't force you to say "wow!  that's gorgeous!"  But it sort of creeps into your mind and makes you admit that it is truly lovely.
My friend one said that when she goes to a place with tall trees, green grass, flowers everywhere, ivy... it's too much to look at.  It's hard to feel as if you're apart of the creation- kind of like you're on the outside looking in.  One can feel part of the prairie because of it's vastness and emptiness.

Have a lovely day!
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Tiered basket for yarn

October 27, 2011

Today is a lovely day.  Because our Creator created, designed, and made it perfectly.  Not because I just happened to like what happened to me on this particular day but because God gave me this day to enjoy and to learn from.  Not so all my senses and mind would be satisfied.  Amen!

Anyways, on this fine, glorious day, I've found out that hanging a tiered fruit basket from the ceiling in ones room makes an excellent place for yarn storage.  It works really well.  I screwed a little screw/hook into the ceiling and hung the tiered basket on it.  I found the basket from a garage sale (50 cents- how could I pass it up!)

So... if you are needing a way to store your yarn (in a cute way) then this is the thing for you!  I love it already! ...Plus it adds a very personal, characteristic piece of art that sort of defines your room- makes it homier, if you will.  Y'all have a good week!

p.s. if you enjoyed this post, because you're a fellow crafter, I'd go to Miss Emily's blog.  Or Miss Grace's blog.  These lovely ladies always have great lists with craft tutorials et cetera.


October 23, 2011

Is miscelaniness a word?  According to dear ol' spell check miscelaniness is not a word.  Well how disappointing.  And ah!  ol' is not a word either.  Well now, I've just discovered 2 new words...  One step for girl on leap for girl kind!  So sorry, I suppose I am being silly and sarcastic but I was rather enjoying myself.

I have discovered how to do a five braid.  It truly is easy and you probably could use the same principle of
the braid for any odd number... 7, 9, 11.  Here is the link I used, twas' most helpful and instructive: 5 braid

My project[s] have been scarflettes.  Scarflettes are easy, quick, fun to make and really very practical.  You see, scarves take up much more yarn for one, and then also there's the problem of it coming unwound around your neck as the tails seem to always be flying this way and that.  Scarflettes you button and forget about.  Did I mention they are snugger?

This^^ has been my new "love" :)  I came flying to mother dear after inspiration hit and asked "Can I buy this from you!?" I was waving a clothes hanger under her nose and to which she replied "You can have it...  But what's going on in that brain of yours?"  Ahh well, an idea...

It took me a while to finally get the wire to cooperate and shape into a word. But after I did, I wrapped white yarn around it (and that's harder than it looks).  It's now displayed proudly on our kitchen window sill until I find further use for it.

Pinned Image

I saw these on Pinterest the other day and decided to make a couple few with Morgan.  She and I enjoy making them, but oh, dear old glue gun, must you burn our fingers so?
So, what have you been up to?

Knitted Scarflette

October 19, 2011

This has been my knitting project for the last week.  It's knitted in Red Heart Yarn, in double moss/seed stitch.  I sewed three brown button on [with a tapestry needle].  Morgan- dear heart- is my model :)  Poor dear, she told me
"Remember I used to always hate when you made me be your model?  I am so used to it now because we do it so much!"  I had a laugh over that.

We found that if you unbutton 2 buttons and fold it down, you have something like a collar...  Which is as equally cute and snug.

Y'all have a good day!
p.s I'm linking this up to Grace's Garden Walk in her knitting post.

Crocheted bow pattern

October 18, 2011

Remember these cuties from this post?  Well, I have a pattern all writted out and ready to go for you!

Before you get the pattern, know that this pattern can be adjusted really easily, and you don't HAVE to actually go by this pattern.  At all.  Because in truth, all it is, is a crocheted rectangle with yarn wrapped around the middle.  :-)  So just to give you an idea *how* to make a bow...

Start with crochet thread.  (I've never crocheted a bow with "big" yarn so be the first and try it- tell me how it goes if you wish).
Chain 16
Half double crochet (hdc) in the 3rd chain.  Hdc down the row.
*Chain 1, hdc in the first loop and down the row*  repeat from *-* until you've reached a rectange- that should be anywhere to 4-7 rows. 

::Note::  I have found that the bow will turn out a lot better if you make the rectange really tall, but not quite a square.

Weave in the ends.  Take some coordinating yarn, and pinch the rectangle so it looks like a bow and wrap the yarn around the pinched/middle area.  Tie the wrapped yarn in the back and snip ends.  Tell me how it goes and if anything is unclear, let me know!

A stroll through the park

You know that romantic-Jane-Austenish-feeling you get when you're taking a stroll through a park?  It's hard to get that sensation, you know, when there's a playground filled with screaming children and bold neon colors blaring from the slides and swings that seem to quite oppose the lovely colors of the day.  Maybe it's just me?  Anyways, there is a little park right down the road from us- it's all grass and trees, with a little brook running through it and 2 small bridges.  A nice quite place filled with peace.

Tis' been a lovely week- and the weather has gotten so cold!  Ahh... That lovely feeling you get when you wake up under a bundle of blankets all warm and cozy, and peep over the covers to see the sun streaming through your window...  That seems to be happening more and more now!  The Texas wind, although rather frightening, has a charm to it.  It howls during the night- if you've never wind howl it sounds much like a high pitched hiss, and is really loud.  It makes one snuggle down to in under the blankets all the more and read all the harder!
I also thought I'd tell y'all about this lovely post at Grace's Garden Walk.  She's captured knitting very well and has lots of ducky tutorial links and knitting-how-to[s].
I plan on having a bow pattern (yes, again) coming soon for any crocheters.

My [very long] list

October 13, 2011

... of knitted/crocheted things to make!


{This is a g-r-e-a-t 5 star tutorial on how to make a ball of yarn with a center pull thread}

Do you have any favorite wanna-makes?  What with this cooler weather coming in, yarn is beginning to look all the more addicting.  Days filled with yarn slipping through fingers, knitting needles clinking cheerily, baskets of clothes to mend and projects to finish... all you need now is a good book and a mug of hot chocolate!