Dear autumn...

October 11, 2011

I love the cool weather you bring.  I also like the opportunity to go walking/biking all the time with family.  I like, no, I love the photos I get to take of you.  In fact, you're rather pretty.  Your days are shorter you know- that I don't care for much, but that's God's will- not my whim.  :-)

OoOo- I also like all the photoshoots I get to take with my siblings!  You and your lovely lighting makes it all the more perfect.

Aidan gave me a flower- isn't he a gentlemen?  I like him... a lot.

Dear little man,
Are you aware that you are most irristiable looking in black and white photography.  Well, you are.  And its a joy to take picture[s] of you.

 Hi there Morgan!  You're very cute and pretty.  Your highlighted hair always amazes me and I think that I am rather envious :-)  natural highlights...  Do you know how lucky you are dear heart?

Hullo old friend sky!  Hullo friend clouds!  As for you, you're desperately gorgeous.  I love it when the autumn sun glints off your dear fluffy whiteness and makes you look all the more white and highlighted.

Twould' be very nice, dear autumn, if you could stay forever.  I think we'd all appreciate it :-)  But oh well, even seasons have their seasons.


Emily Ruth said...

They are soo cute! I love taking photos of my siblings. :) Did you link this up to Grace and Johanna's Autumn event?

Gabby said...

My siblings are the cutest! And I love it when I can take photoshoots with/of them. No, I haven't linked up... I probably should :-)
Love Gabby

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