::Photoshoot:: Morgan

October 30, 2011

I absolutely love it when Morgan lets me take a photoshoot of her...  This one was all black and white and no smiling.  She is so pretty and to be completely truthful, I like pictures of her with no smiles.  They look somewhat old-fashioned and sincere.  That's the best I can describe them.

So...  do y'all like black and white photography?  I sure do!


Emily Ruth said...

Lovely photos! Morgan is soo cute! I like black and white photos, and I love yours! They do look old-fashioned and sincere, like you said. I enjoyed looking at your photos!

Gabby said...

Thanks Emily! She is really pretty.. but won't allow for anyone to call her so to her face! Silly dear, she doesn't know how to take compliments!

Grace said...

Aw, she is quite adorable! you are so blessed to have a sweet little sister and she as well to have you as an older sister. :)
I cherish her note that she wrote for my birthday, and I smile whenever I glance at it.


Kristi said...

Great pictures! You are so talented!!

Gabby said...

Thank you Grace and Aunt Kristi! But it's really Morgan making the picture looks good :-)

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