Lovely life.

October 3, 2011

Sitting amongst the ivy with the sunset sinking behind trees and a cup of tea in one hand and your camera in another is a very enjoyable way to spend the evening- I assure you.  Taking time to enjoy God's creation...  It's like sitting in his painting.  It's admiring his imagination.  It's living and loving his creation- his inspiration that he made for you and me- for us to enjoy purposely!

It's been a perfectly ducky weekend.  Although I did realize a tragic thought- do you know what's worst than being in love with an imaginary character off a movie {or book of course}?  Being in love with your own project:

Pretty pathetic no?  Oh well, I am shall be blissfully in love as I make hundreds more of these this week.  Lavenders, baby blues, whites, pinks...  Not at all very fallish colors though I'll admit :-)

Another lovely thing this weekend?  Discovering a new knitting stitch.  Double seed moss stitch.  It's really very sweet and reminds me of little clusters of grapes.

There are so many blessings in life.  It's so easy to get used to them and not even be grateful.  Count your blessings Gabby for the Almighty gives and takes away.  But my heart will choose to say blessed be the name of the Lord!


Emily Ruth said...

Lovely evening photos! It is a splendid way to spend an evening...
Those bows are too cute! Oh well if they're not fall-ish colors...they still look lovely!

Grace said...

How lovely. Enough said. ;)

Honestly, I REALLY REALLY do wish you lived next door. Whenever we would see each other we could snatch out the ol' knitting basket and make our hands busy. ;)

Love you,

Gabby said...

@Emily- Thanks dearie! I've fallen very much in love with reading in the evenings outside... and in those bows- they are so helpful for decorating or little gifts.

@Grace- *sniff* I know- we should be neighbors shouldn't we? Teaching each other different knitting stitches and sharing patterns... Ah bliss!

Love you two,

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