So she wrote...

October 6, 2011

She walked out of the little cottage that cold autumn morning.  The air was crisp and chilly.  The rain from yesterday made everything muddy and gray.  She shivered- the sun was still asleep.  "I woke up before you, friend sun." she whispered into the air.  The air flew into her mouth- it was cold.

The girl glanced up at the sky.  It was a deep grayish blue.  "Simply gorgeous." she thought and walked up to the old tree.  She ran her hand up it's old brown trunk, it was knobby and a dull brow, and climbed- after all, up in this tree was the best place to be for writing.  Balancing a writing tablet, and a piece of fresh new paper on her knees, and a mechanical pencil in her hand, she wrote.  Her imagination flowed out her mind and onto the paper.  Black and white.  Clear as day.

The wind was icy- at 6:20 in the morning who could expect less- and it whipped her long brown hair across her face.  It began to blow harder- it took her breath away.  The trees roared furiously as the wind rustled and shook their leaves.  The sound could be compared to giant's laughter.

But what was that?  A trickle, a very small trickle, of gold came streaming down over the top of the cottage roof.  The golden light flashed across her face.  "Hello, sun." she whispers.  The gold light grew, until it stretched across the yard and fell again onto her face.  Her eyes were closed, but she could feel the light warm first her face, then her neck, and then the rest of her body.

Her story was written, after all, that was why she had gone up into the tree.  "Til' tommorow!" she told the tree, sky, early morning sun, and walked back into the little cottage.
On the laptop, staring at another empty sheet of "paper" she smiled as an idea came to her and wrote...

"She walked out of the little cottage that cold autumn morning..."


Emily Ruth said...

I love it! Trees are great places to write and to read. :)
I love your new design! It's simply lovely.

Gabby said...

Thanks Emily! The design on your blog is so lovely- photo collage headers are so awesome {especially for photographers}.
Love you!

Emily Ruth said...

Thank you, dearie! I had fun designing my header. :)

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