A stroll through the park

October 18, 2011

You know that romantic-Jane-Austenish-feeling you get when you're taking a stroll through a park?  It's hard to get that sensation, you know, when there's a playground filled with screaming children and bold neon colors blaring from the slides and swings that seem to quite oppose the lovely colors of the day.  Maybe it's just me?  Anyways, there is a little park right down the road from us- it's all grass and trees, with a little brook running through it and 2 small bridges.  A nice quite place filled with peace.

Tis' been a lovely week- and the weather has gotten so cold!  Ahh... That lovely feeling you get when you wake up under a bundle of blankets all warm and cozy, and peep over the covers to see the sun streaming through your window...  That seems to be happening more and more now!  The Texas wind, although rather frightening, has a charm to it.  It howls during the night- if you've never wind howl it sounds much like a high pitched hiss, and is really loud.  It makes one snuggle down to in under the blankets all the more and read all the harder!
I also thought I'd tell y'all about this lovely post at Grace's Garden Walk.  She's captured knitting very well and has lots of ducky tutorial links and knitting-how-to[s].
I plan on having a bow pattern (yes, again) coming soon for any crocheters.

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Emily Ruth said...

That park looks lovely! Oh, how I wish I lived near a spot like that. :) I enjoyed your pattern post and Grace's knitting post. Autumn is such a lovely time. :)

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