Tiered basket for yarn

October 27, 2011

Today is a lovely day.  Because our Creator created, designed, and made it perfectly.  Not because I just happened to like what happened to me on this particular day but because God gave me this day to enjoy and to learn from.  Not so all my senses and mind would be satisfied.  Amen!

Anyways, on this fine, glorious day, I've found out that hanging a tiered fruit basket from the ceiling in ones room makes an excellent place for yarn storage.  It works really well.  I screwed a little screw/hook into the ceiling and hung the tiered basket on it.  I found the basket from a garage sale (50 cents- how could I pass it up!)

So... if you are needing a way to store your yarn (in a cute way) then this is the thing for you!  I love it already! ...Plus it adds a very personal, characteristic piece of art that sort of defines your room- makes it homier, if you will.  Y'all have a good week!

p.s. if you enjoyed this post, because you're a fellow crafter, I'd go to Miss Emily's blog.  Or Miss Grace's blog.  These lovely ladies always have great lists with craft tutorials et cetera.


Emily Ruth said...

Your photos wouldn't show up! :( I love storing yarn in baskets. :) Thanks so much for linking to my blog!

Gabby said...

Hey Emily... Can you see the pictures now? I think I've fixed it :-)

Emily Ruth said...

Yes, I can, and I LOVE that basket!!!

Gabby said...

good! I am quite in love with the basket myself...

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