November 29, 2011

... it comes from anywhere, even in the smallest things.  That lovely I-wanna-do-that feeling after seeing something rather amazing.  When it happens messes follow and life is lived at the fullest.  Creativity just flows from your mind and then through your fingertips and then your creativity, your little piece of inspiration is right in front of you looking beautiful.  I can't get over it.

From a spool of yarn (that happens to look like baker's twine)

... on a old creaking, wooden bridge surrounded by trees ...

... in a silhouette ....

... Golden fall leaves that are soon to be gone ...

Thanks so much Miss Emily for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award!  It's much appreciated :-)
Okay... so now 7 random things about myself.
  1. I'm going to fly to France or Italy one day.  With my mama of course.
  2. In 10 years I hope to be happily married with at LEAST a couple of children and be a farmers wife.  :-)
  3. It is exactly 82 more days until my birthday.
  4. My toenails are painted white as of now.
  5. I've moved 9 times, lived in 12 different houses, lived in Louisiana once, Mississippi once, Tennessee once (my personal favorite I'm afraid), Texas 3 times, Arkansas once.  I've been everywhere :P
  6. My 3 friends and their younger sister, Morgan and I, have a newspaper which we write up each week on Friday.  It's 1 page long {back and front} normally.  We all have our "pin" names and mine is Lizzie Alcott.  It contains our weekly poems we've written, on-going stories as well as tips, hints, and advertisements.  Perhaps a picture or two if we're lucky...
I'm going to tag...



November 28, 2011

I was enjoying a long snooze under a million comforters.  And it struck me.  I am incredibly lucky.  So very lucky and blessed. 
Do you ever just count off your blessings to yourself?  Now now, I know it brings up those old childhood memories...  Remember mama telling you as you look longingly at the expensive put your hearts desire here and then she says crushingly "Count your blessings!"???
Well, I got over my tragically childhood whims and have started to seriously be surprised at how much I already have!

1.  I have a Savior.  I already have my prince charming who has saved me- a silly damsel in distress, wallowing in her torment and knargled path of sins.  He's saved me from the high tower and I gave him my heart and soul to take care of and I trust him before any other person in this universe.  I have all that and his love.

2.  My family.  Somedays, when I wish I could simply start over again, I find myself comparing my family to this girl's family or this family's shoes.  But somehow, when I think about my dear old ducky family...  I have to laugh and admit that no one's situation could be any better than mine!  And I thank my family for putting up with me all the time.  Y'all are the greatest!

3.  Letters from friends.  Mile long handwritten letters from two very specail young ladies that just overpour with friendship, advice, and jokes.  Meg, thank-you for your bouncy-glad-to-be-a-girl letters covered in pictures and quotes and jokes that are being brought up for the 100th time.  Thank you, Jane, for your ever sweet, humble, and quiet spirit.  It literally rubs off you and glistens everywhere!  You are a credit to us silly girls and I love you so much for it.

4.  I'm thankful for coffee.  And hot chocolate.  And tea.  Chamomile tea mind you.  And all hot drinks in general.  Oh you dear mugs, how I love thee with your alluring steam and frothy, creamy goodness!  The way you look up at me every morning...  What would I do without you?

Yes.  I know I am crazy.  My relations find it necessary to constantly remind me...

5.  I'm so thankful God has given us humans a natural desire to create.  To create, craft, inspire, make...  it's God's thumbprint on you and I.  He created us with this built in desire to worship and imitate him through creating!  That's why there's this urge in you every now and then to create.  Without even knowing it, when you long to make something... you're longing to worship God- to imitate him.  For he is the ultimate creator and we naturally long to be like him.

^^ my latest projects ^^
a twine covered up-cycled bottle and a few knitted dishcloths for my hope-chest.

That's what I'm thankful for.
what about you?

Hello change!

November 26, 2011

Winter is slowly settling in this little prairie town.  It's like every time I look out the window, it's a little bit grayer.  A little more lonely... but peaceful.  Every morning I wake up, it's a little bit colder outside, but all that more snugger inside.  Every day I see the fading color out of the window which makes home all the more wonderful.

Sweaters, secret smiles and packages show up here and there, coffee with Mama and Daddy every morning, knee high socks, favorite Christmas movies being watched, reading through the gospel of Matthew, and most importantly, family time in abundance seem all that more special as I look out at the cold, windy day.

Thanksgiving was so wonderful.  It really does capture all the senses doesn't it?  The sounds of laughter from jokes and stories that are being told for the 100th time, smelling pies being baked in all their glorious spicy syrup, warm coffee in mugs just tantalizing those taste buds- extra sugar and cream please!  A burnt finger or two from baking...  And seeing family all squeezed in the living room together makes one feel safe and all bliss.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Renewal and some change

November 22, 2011

 I suppose I might as well have it all out at once- to whom it matters.  This past week, I've wanted to sort of stop.  Just stop.  And see what's important to me.  What do I love the most?  What am I really thankful for?  What's my passion in life?  I've come to my conclusion.

I am not going to stop blogging- I love doing it!  It's so wonderful... but while I plan on staying, I'm afraid there will be some changes.  I have felt for a while that if I didn't have a "crafty" something or another, I wasn't living up to the title of my blog.  If I didn't write something that didn't reflect my blog title, I wasn't living up to it.  I love being an ambitious homemaker SO much- but that doesn't mean my blog should be completely about it... right? Truth be told, it's hard to enjoy blogging when your pressured or cornered into writing only what everyone expects.  I can be an ambitious homemaker without my whole blog pointing towards it.  To be completely frank, I want to blog about whatever.  Not just one thing that falls into an ambitious homemaker category.  That may sound strange but I think it's really going to help my blog and my writing- just trust me okay :-)

So... I'm  saying good bye to An Ambitious Homemaker and restarting- not anywhere new of course, here in the same old spot.  This already soft, tilled field.  I want to just reintroduce myself and let y'all know who I am- really, so, take a peek at my "this is me" page.

Clear as rain, muddy as puddles

It was a black and white sort of week.  Everything was clear as rain, but always ended up in a muddle puddles...  It was altogether lovely, but somehow, under the shadow of the clouds, there was something wrong with it.  I'm not altogether sure what it is; but I figure I need to let my tight reign on schedules, photography, crafting, blogging et cetera just go.  Not for long of course, but I want to clear my mind and just make it up- who am I again?  What's my life's purpose?  Am I doing any good through my little blog?  Do I live up to it's name?  Should I change it- or should I change me?  Whatever it is, I want to find it out.  It shouldn't take too long, so I suppose I'll see you when I next see you!


Those days...

November 18, 2011

You know those days where the neighbors dog sticks his head out of the fence?  Scaring you have to death while you drop a bucket of water for your chicks? But you're glad it happened anyways because it leaves you grinning for the rest of the day and with more appreciation for dogs...

And then your dear little mp3 needed a snuggie.  It now has one.  I made it whilst studying Biology definitions.  Yeah...  Biology took longer than normal...

Then somedays, by the time you've finished "watering" your chicks and finally stop laughing at the dog in the fence, you notice that the trees sure have changed a lot since spring...  So you take a million pictures...

Oh, and your sister and brother comes to join you outside.  You are glad you have the above pictures for blackmail when you're siblings are older...

do days get any better?


November 16, 2011

We went on a spontaneous trip to the library.  It's probably a mile there and back from our little cottage so we walked.  The boys looked like cowboys {as usual} Morgan toted her parasol, and I my camera.  It's been a long time since the sky was blue and the sun smiled at us.  It would seem that dear winter wants to move in rather soon this year!

I've been thinking much about what I aspire to in life.  What is it that I am trying to get to?  What's my goal?  It's not exactly as easy a question as it seems...  There's one thing for certain: grow and grow my relationship with my family, friends, and Creator.  If I can do that, plus love my neighbor as myself, there's nothing more I'd want.  

There is one more goal I am, and have been, working on.  Beginning this August, I've planned to read 200 books by the time I'm 18.  In saying that, I must read about 4-5 books a month.  It will help in the long run, and it's best I read much while I'm young[er].  I'm almost 15... in case you're wondering :-)  February 20th, is my own special date.

Speaking of "growing up," it's so easy, isn't it, to find yourself saying "I deserve more now that I am growing up" or "I should be treated just like a grown up now" and "why can't there be a major distinction between child and young adult?"  Part of me wants to grow up with a snap of my fingers.  Another part urges me to just stay where I am and take each minute I have in my youth like a precious gift because it will eventually leave.  To learn and aspire while the foundation is still visible.  If you don't get a good foundation when you're young, it's hard to change when you're older.

Have a lovely week, dears, and do drop a visit over at my dear friend's little craft room.  I'm assisting Miss Grace with her handmade Christmas.

So... could I just start again?

November 14, 2011

You know those days.
The ones where you wish you could stay in bed.
The ones where you wish you could forget school.
The ones where you wished with all your might that you could just go to sleep again.
You know, the ones that seem to never end?

Maybe you raised your voice higher, edged with stress, a notch or two more than you should have.  Why?  Oh, because we're females.  We hate our lovely-happy-go-lucky world to be shattered.  I hate it when the problems of life work me up.  {Headaches are caused and aren't fun, you know}.  And you're left, at the end of the day, asking "So... could I just start again?"

But it'll be okay.  We have a God who loves and forgives.  He really does listen.  And you know what else?  There is only one thing the Bible requires of you.  Have faith.  Have faith that our God will always take you back because he loves with an everlasting love.

Try this:  Would you parents ever not forgive you?  For something terrible you've done?  Well, God loves you 100, 1000, 1,000,000,000 times as much as they do.  Now tell me.  Would God ever not forgive you, if you're sorry?

Think on that, will you?  A huge burden will be lifted from your shoulders if you just ask him, and believe that he will, take that burden off you.

Life as of late

November 13, 2011

 ^^words fail to describe...^^

Dear summer,  I miss you.  Already? - yes.  It was nice when you were around and well, I guess it's lonely and dreary without ya.

I miss you lighting up all the light in my pictures...  And dancing on my face to wake me up.  I miss the warmness of your rays.  Now it's the icy bite of dear old wind...

I'm very much looking forward to your return dear summer!  Make it soon, will you?

I normally don't care for bracelets...  But these I like because they're soft and stretchy and crocheted :-)  If you want to make some yourself, get an old jersey t-shirt, cut it into a long strand (1 foot, maybe?) and about 1-2 inches wide.  Also grab a big crochet hook.  Chain until you get the circumfrence of your arm and link the ends of the chain together.  Viola!  A stretchy, thick and pretty bracelet.

Also, just to let you know, Miss Grace is having a crafting week over at her little blog.  Go check it out!


November 10, 2011

Hello lovelies!  Yes...  I've made slippers.  I'm usually not the one to go tottering about wearing a housecoat and fuzzy slippers with curlers in my hair, I enjoy wearing these feet toasters :-)

If you are interested in crocheting a pair yourself (hint- these would make excellent Christmas gifts!)  You can find the pattern here.

And hey!  Who knew you could use 2 different kinds of yarn to knit a decidedly more chunky and colorful scarf?  A dear friend gave me the navy blue yarn- it's so pretty!  Thanks dearie!

Mmhmm...  this was another exciting-over-the-weekend-project.  Silhouettes...  They are so intriguing, and at the same time mysterious.  I'm keeping my buttons in this jar.

This has been a really fun project- Morgan and I in collaboration :-)  What it is, is we've tacked lace onto our wall, and then cut out brown paper into small folded over rectangles.  Inside, there's a little something *fun* to do for each day of December as we begin the countdown for you know what.  Also, we punched holes in the note slips and hung it to the lace with an ornament hanger.  It's pretty cool.  We're not quite to December 25th though...

Okay... I think I'm at least caught up posting my projects.  I hope you've found some ideas through here!  Have a lovely day,