November 10, 2011

Hello lovelies!  Yes...  I've made slippers.  I'm usually not the one to go tottering about wearing a housecoat and fuzzy slippers with curlers in my hair, I enjoy wearing these feet toasters :-)

If you are interested in crocheting a pair yourself (hint- these would make excellent Christmas gifts!)  You can find the pattern here.

And hey!  Who knew you could use 2 different kinds of yarn to knit a decidedly more chunky and colorful scarf?  A dear friend gave me the navy blue yarn- it's so pretty!  Thanks dearie!

Mmhmm...  this was another exciting-over-the-weekend-project.  Silhouettes...  They are so intriguing, and at the same time mysterious.  I'm keeping my buttons in this jar.

This has been a really fun project- Morgan and I in collaboration :-)  What it is, is we've tacked lace onto our wall, and then cut out brown paper into small folded over rectangles.  Inside, there's a little something *fun* to do for each day of December as we begin the countdown for you know what.  Also, we punched holes in the note slips and hung it to the lace with an ornament hanger.  It's pretty cool.  We're not quite to December 25th though...

Okay... I think I'm at least caught up posting my projects.  I hope you've found some ideas through here!  Have a lovely day,


Grace said...

those slippers are DARLING!!!! *sigh* *swoon* I am seriously jealous. okay, quick get a Skype account because I want to knit {or crochet} with you! :)

Awww, I'm glad that you found some good use out of the lace. ;) what a fun idea!!! You are so clever. I must attend to my crafting to-day as I am so behind. :P

Love you,

Gabby said...

aww thanks Grace! I don't have a Skype account and actually have never heard of it! But I shall look into it dearie :-)

Thanks so much for the lace! I tacked it onto my wall destined to be something, after getting it from you.

Love you too
Gabby xo

Emily Ruth said...

I LOVE all of these projects!! The photos of the slippers are really good, too!
That Christmas countdown project looks like a really fun idea! I love it!

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