do you thrift?

November 6, 2011

Big knitting needles are nice... Big and rather fat balls of yarn are splendid...  A big, tall mug {of a edible milky white color} filled to the brim with coffee {why yes, I drink coffee- you?} and sitting blissfully on my 2.00 white comforter I'm currently sporting, that I found at a thrift store and am grinning over.  Yes.  It's been a nice weekend.

I really love garage sales, antique stores, and well, thrifting in general.  Because you find things like awesome knitting needles for half the price you find in a store.^  I found 4 pairs!  And yes, I did squeal. 1's 2's 5's and 7's... all in gray.  Which, by the way, are my favorite color for knitting needles :-)

Also, there happened to be a bag of lace.  Vintage lace.  Mmm hmm...  A dollar is quite a reasonable price don't you think?  To be honest, I snatched the bag along with my new loves (above) and paid for them as quickly as possible.

The above^ is a vase from Wal Mart which I think was... like 2.75 maybe?  The "knit" part is hot glue that I glued on there.  After the glue dried, I spray painted over it with a flat finish, white spray paint.  I like the results.  It has been assigned the job of holding all my knitting needles, which, I am pleased to see, have amounted to... a lot.

^Mother got a new potholder^

Metal thumb tacks painted with nail polish.  I don't like metal gray much on my bulletin board.  Or for that matter, plastic clear thumb tacks which are quite disgusting when holding lace for my earrings.  The above are nice and easy and sweet.

To be frank, thrifting is just so much more fun than going to a store and buying whatever you want in a plastic, hard-to-get package which are quite ugly to the artistic eye.  When there are little goodies tucked away on a shelf, covered in dust, it just makes you want them.  Go to a garage sale, or thrift/antique store and tell me you found something you liked.

Alrighty!  Although there are about... 10 other projects that y'all don't know about (see above) that are cluttering my room, upstairs, at the moment that I should really post about, but shan't so as to let y'all have a break from my gabbing.  Pun intended :-)

Be thrifty.  It's worth it.

 p.s. i happened to notice Miss Carlotta had a thrifting post also...  Just to let y'all know I'd been planning to write this one up for a while :-)  Don't copy others... because that's not pure inspiration, am I right?!  Not saying you can't borrow ideas, but nothing will ever be yours if it's always borrowed.  *smiles*


Emily Ruth said...

I love thrifting! I don't do it enough, though. I LOVE that vase! That's a great idea!

Julia said...

you are so creative! I've always wanted to go thrifting... it just seems really fun and kind of like a treasure hunt. your pot holder turned out wonderful!

Gabby said...

Thank you Emily and Julia. Thrifting is definitely an exciting and fun experience.

Rubies Like Ruth said...

Hello Gabby!

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~Ana Renee

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