Clear as rain, muddy as puddles

November 22, 2011

It was a black and white sort of week.  Everything was clear as rain, but always ended up in a muddle puddles...  It was altogether lovely, but somehow, under the shadow of the clouds, there was something wrong with it.  I'm not altogether sure what it is; but I figure I need to let my tight reign on schedules, photography, crafting, blogging et cetera just go.  Not for long of course, but I want to clear my mind and just make it up- who am I again?  What's my life's purpose?  Am I doing any good through my little blog?  Do I live up to it's name?  Should I change it- or should I change me?  Whatever it is, I want to find it out.  It shouldn't take too long, so I suppose I'll see you when I next see you!


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Emily Ruth said...

Lovely photos, dear!
I hope that you figure out at least some of the answers to your questions. I can't wait until you come back, though!

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