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November 13, 2011

 ^^words fail to describe...^^

Dear summer,  I miss you.  Already? - yes.  It was nice when you were around and well, I guess it's lonely and dreary without ya.

I miss you lighting up all the light in my pictures...  And dancing on my face to wake me up.  I miss the warmness of your rays.  Now it's the icy bite of dear old wind...

I'm very much looking forward to your return dear summer!  Make it soon, will you?

I normally don't care for bracelets...  But these I like because they're soft and stretchy and crocheted :-)  If you want to make some yourself, get an old jersey t-shirt, cut it into a long strand (1 foot, maybe?) and about 1-2 inches wide.  Also grab a big crochet hook.  Chain until you get the circumfrence of your arm and link the ends of the chain together.  Viola!  A stretchy, thick and pretty bracelet.

Also, just to let you know, Miss Grace is having a crafting week over at her little blog.  Go check it out!


Rachel said...

Hi Gabby! I love your blog because I am in lofe with crochet and knitting too! I prefer crocheting because it seems to go faster in knitting but I love looking at what you design!

Gabby said...

Oh good! I love to see young ladies interested in old fashioned skills! While I love crocheting because of it's flexibility, I'm afraid knitting is my favorite :-) Thank you Rachel!

Emily Ruth said...

I miss summer, too. It seems like it went by so fast! I love those photos. :) Your siblings are adorable! I also really like your bracelets. They look like they are comfortable to wear.

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