Renewal and some change

November 22, 2011

 I suppose I might as well have it all out at once- to whom it matters.  This past week, I've wanted to sort of stop.  Just stop.  And see what's important to me.  What do I love the most?  What am I really thankful for?  What's my passion in life?  I've come to my conclusion.

I am not going to stop blogging- I love doing it!  It's so wonderful... but while I plan on staying, I'm afraid there will be some changes.  I have felt for a while that if I didn't have a "crafty" something or another, I wasn't living up to the title of my blog.  If I didn't write something that didn't reflect my blog title, I wasn't living up to it.  I love being an ambitious homemaker SO much- but that doesn't mean my blog should be completely about it... right? Truth be told, it's hard to enjoy blogging when your pressured or cornered into writing only what everyone expects.  I can be an ambitious homemaker without my whole blog pointing towards it.  To be completely frank, I want to blog about whatever.  Not just one thing that falls into an ambitious homemaker category.  That may sound strange but I think it's really going to help my blog and my writing- just trust me okay :-)

So... I'm  saying good bye to An Ambitious Homemaker and restarting- not anywhere new of course, here in the same old spot.  This already soft, tilled field.  I want to just reintroduce myself and let y'all know who I am- really, so, take a peek at my "this is me" page.


Emily Ruth said...

I completely understand, dear! I cannot wait to see your new name!

Emily Ruth said...

I tagged you on my blog here:

p.s. I am soooo glad that you love blogging! I would miss you and your sweet posts if you took a long break.

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