So... could I just start again?

November 14, 2011

You know those days.
The ones where you wish you could stay in bed.
The ones where you wish you could forget school.
The ones where you wished with all your might that you could just go to sleep again.
You know, the ones that seem to never end?

Maybe you raised your voice higher, edged with stress, a notch or two more than you should have.  Why?  Oh, because we're females.  We hate our lovely-happy-go-lucky world to be shattered.  I hate it when the problems of life work me up.  {Headaches are caused and aren't fun, you know}.  And you're left, at the end of the day, asking "So... could I just start again?"

But it'll be okay.  We have a God who loves and forgives.  He really does listen.  And you know what else?  There is only one thing the Bible requires of you.  Have faith.  Have faith that our God will always take you back because he loves with an everlasting love.

Try this:  Would you parents ever not forgive you?  For something terrible you've done?  Well, God loves you 100, 1000, 1,000,000,000 times as much as they do.  Now tell me.  Would God ever not forgive you, if you're sorry?

Think on that, will you?  A huge burden will be lifted from your shoulders if you just ask him, and believe that he will, take that burden off you.


Emily Ruth said...

Gabby, thank you so much for this post! It is such a great reminder that God will forgive. :)

Grace said...

*gasp* It's like everybody's been reading my mind lately! You, carlotta, acacia, hannah @ aspire! I've got to get back into blogging. :)

Love you, dear! *hugs*
Your goose.

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