November 28, 2011

I was enjoying a long snooze under a million comforters.  And it struck me.  I am incredibly lucky.  So very lucky and blessed. 
Do you ever just count off your blessings to yourself?  Now now, I know it brings up those old childhood memories...  Remember mama telling you as you look longingly at the expensive put your hearts desire here and then she says crushingly "Count your blessings!"???
Well, I got over my tragically childhood whims and have started to seriously be surprised at how much I already have!

1.  I have a Savior.  I already have my prince charming who has saved me- a silly damsel in distress, wallowing in her torment and knargled path of sins.  He's saved me from the high tower and I gave him my heart and soul to take care of and I trust him before any other person in this universe.  I have all that and his love.

2.  My family.  Somedays, when I wish I could simply start over again, I find myself comparing my family to this girl's family or this family's shoes.  But somehow, when I think about my dear old ducky family...  I have to laugh and admit that no one's situation could be any better than mine!  And I thank my family for putting up with me all the time.  Y'all are the greatest!

3.  Letters from friends.  Mile long handwritten letters from two very specail young ladies that just overpour with friendship, advice, and jokes.  Meg, thank-you for your bouncy-glad-to-be-a-girl letters covered in pictures and quotes and jokes that are being brought up for the 100th time.  Thank you, Jane, for your ever sweet, humble, and quiet spirit.  It literally rubs off you and glistens everywhere!  You are a credit to us silly girls and I love you so much for it.

4.  I'm thankful for coffee.  And hot chocolate.  And tea.  Chamomile tea mind you.  And all hot drinks in general.  Oh you dear mugs, how I love thee with your alluring steam and frothy, creamy goodness!  The way you look up at me every morning...  What would I do without you?

Yes.  I know I am crazy.  My relations find it necessary to constantly remind me...

5.  I'm so thankful God has given us humans a natural desire to create.  To create, craft, inspire, make...  it's God's thumbprint on you and I.  He created us with this built in desire to worship and imitate him through creating!  That's why there's this urge in you every now and then to create.  Without even knowing it, when you long to make something... you're longing to worship God- to imitate him.  For he is the ultimate creator and we naturally long to be like him.

^^ my latest projects ^^
a twine covered up-cycled bottle and a few knitted dishcloths for my hope-chest.

That's what I'm thankful for.
what about you?


Anonymous said...

Oh Gabby, that was a wonderful post! I love reading your blog and being inspired (:D) and seeing your encouraging words.

Emily Ruth said...

Gabby dear, this is such a lovely post! I am thankful for warm days before a cold winter, crafting (mostly knitting lately), warm socks, and lots of other things. :)
I love that upcycled bottle! At first it looked like a skein of yarn. Oh, and the focus in the last set of photos is amazing!

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