November 16, 2011

We went on a spontaneous trip to the library.  It's probably a mile there and back from our little cottage so we walked.  The boys looked like cowboys {as usual} Morgan toted her parasol, and I my camera.  It's been a long time since the sky was blue and the sun smiled at us.  It would seem that dear winter wants to move in rather soon this year!

I've been thinking much about what I aspire to in life.  What is it that I am trying to get to?  What's my goal?  It's not exactly as easy a question as it seems...  There's one thing for certain: grow and grow my relationship with my family, friends, and Creator.  If I can do that, plus love my neighbor as myself, there's nothing more I'd want.  

There is one more goal I am, and have been, working on.  Beginning this August, I've planned to read 200 books by the time I'm 18.  In saying that, I must read about 4-5 books a month.  It will help in the long run, and it's best I read much while I'm young[er].  I'm almost 15... in case you're wondering :-)  February 20th, is my own special date.

Speaking of "growing up," it's so easy, isn't it, to find yourself saying "I deserve more now that I am growing up" or "I should be treated just like a grown up now" and "why can't there be a major distinction between child and young adult?"  Part of me wants to grow up with a snap of my fingers.  Another part urges me to just stay where I am and take each minute I have in my youth like a precious gift because it will eventually leave.  To learn and aspire while the foundation is still visible.  If you don't get a good foundation when you're young, it's hard to change when you're older.

Have a lovely week, dears, and do drop a visit over at my dear friend's little craft room.  I'm assisting Miss Grace with her handmade Christmas.

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