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November 26, 2011

Winter is slowly settling in this little prairie town.  It's like every time I look out the window, it's a little bit grayer.  A little more lonely... but peaceful.  Every morning I wake up, it's a little bit colder outside, but all that more snugger inside.  Every day I see the fading color out of the window which makes home all the more wonderful.

Sweaters, secret smiles and packages show up here and there, coffee with Mama and Daddy every morning, knee high socks, favorite Christmas movies being watched, reading through the gospel of Matthew, and most importantly, family time in abundance seem all that more special as I look out at the cold, windy day.

Thanksgiving was so wonderful.  It really does capture all the senses doesn't it?  The sounds of laughter from jokes and stories that are being told for the 100th time, smelling pies being baked in all their glorious spicy syrup, warm coffee in mugs just tantalizing those taste buds- extra sugar and cream please!  A burnt finger or two from baking...  And seeing family all squeezed in the living room together makes one feel safe and all bliss.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Grace said...

Love your new background. How did you know I am falling in love with blue cheveron as of late??? :)

Happy to hear that you had a blessed Thanksgiving, my dear!

Love you,
Postscript :: are you going anywhere for Christmas? I just want to know, in case I have to send your parcels early. ;) <3

Emily Ruth said...

I love your new name and design!!!!! Soooo much!!!!!!
Lovely photos as always, dear!
I had a good Thanksgiving. :) I am wearing knee high socks right now and I simply cannot wait to watch my favorite Christmas movies. :)

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