in with the new

December 29, 2011

And out with the old.  I've been turning in my mind all the things that have happened this year.  So many new changes that are now fading into life- becoming part of life.  So many lessons learned, so many memories made.  I've made a new friend who is absolutely my twin, got my camera exactly a year ago, learned how to accept things I don't want, and found out how to just let God handle things and not rear my head back about it.

Morgan and I took a long walk around the little grounds of our grandparents' house.  There is so much nature and beauty in everything.  It's like a world dripping with gorgeous color and life.  The brown nest nestled into a tree againts a white, cloudy sky; a heart made out of Morgan's hands shimmering in the water; berries literally a cherry red, drooping gracefully off delicate brown branches; children riding the well beloved John Tractor all around the yard...  this is Louisiana life!

I've been thinking on this a lot lately...  It's incredibly easy to want to be this girl or this gal over here or the popular blogger who has umpteen followers.  I suffer through wanting to be something I'm not.  Really, when I see a lovely blog that's well liked and the girl respected my first impulse is to say "write posts like hers!" or "design my blog to look like hers!... cause' it'll help... right?"  I think we've all gone through something like that, yes?
But I've sort of made up my mind to just write.  I simply need to be sincere with what I say and make sure whatever I write comes right from my heart and not off of someone else's post.  It's that simple.
Also...  I'd like to post less.  Just maybe once ir twice a week.  It'll be good for me not to post everyother day, I suspect.

Have a good week!


Jessica said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL. Those paths of leaves, and the trees... Oh, I wanna be there :) I feel like this year just sorta slipped through my fingers. You?

Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Grace said...

mmm...that's how I feel. I've been really struggling with the feeling of "oh, this girl is 'popular' so I want to write things like her, take better pictures like her, my blog SHOULD look like hers," and was just going to write a post on that. ;)

oh, and I think I've found a friend who's my twin too. *wink*

love you,
your goosey girl.

Emily Ruth said...

Lovely photos and thoughts, dear! I especially love the photo of Morgan's hands reflected in the water. :) I am also thinking about posting less...sometimes it's just too much!

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