it's coming

December 24, 2011

I awake to a winter wonderland. The winds spins with the snow making a merry dance full of celebration. Our little red brick house it covered in snow. The ivy which creeps up our little house's wall are burdened with a million crystal-clear icicles that hang and look as dainty and graceful as ballerinas. Branches are decorated with snow which little snow birds sit and sing a merry tune on. I love the way snow- as cold and harsh as it is- can make such a happy place.
I won't be able to wake up Christmas morning and see the snow as we'll be down in Louisiana...  But I'm glad I saw it.  It's gorgeous and beautiful and really just magical.

^^ my friends and I taking a little walk through the snow^^

As of now, we are down in Louisiana with my dear grandparents and aunt.  It's been loads of fun and I hope to share some pictures of it soon!  It won't be a white Christmas I'm guessing but that's okay because up home in Texas, I know our little house is snuggled under a bundle of snow.

*squeals* I am so excited!  Christmas is nearly here!  It's a-coming!  Merry Christmas Eve.

p.s this is my 100th post!!!

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Emily Ruth said...

Happy 100th post, dear!
At least you got to see some snow before you left. :)

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